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Exclusive Jewels Gallery is jeweler and decor stylist to Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood. We offer carefully selected jewelry, decor and finery from around the world from our Beacon Hill location.



While traveling in the Middle East, interior designer Pamela Rihani discovered the beauty and power of Bedouin and tribal jewelry through a serendipitous meeting with an African trade bead dealer.  

Though Pamela initially began creating this soulful, bohemian inspired jewelry as a creative outlet for herself, the ancient richness and exotic character of the treasures she collected over the years eventually became the catalyst for her own luxe jewelry line of one of a kind pieces. In the spirit of this inspiration, Katima, which means "Powerful Daughter", was born... 

With a belief in the inherent energy that emanates from stones and beads, Pamela and her sister and co-designer, Karen Rigopoulos, hand select the finest semi-precious stones, antique beads, and unique adornments. These materials are sourced from alluring places such as Thailand, Nepal, Africa, and the Middle East.

Each piece in the Katima collection has its own story and energy and is individually created with great care and artfulness. The woman who wears a Katima necklace wears it with confidence and a sense of personal expression.