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Exclusive Jewels Gallery is jeweler and decor stylist to Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood. We offer carefully selected jewelry, decor and finery from around the world from our Beacon Hill location.

Lao Design, Ltd.


Lao Design offers one-of-a-kind fashion, unique formal and every-day wear integrating Laotian and Western design. The brand reflects the special history and tradition of producing quality textiles in Laos. Designer Bounkhong Singavong continues that tradition by producing contemporary pieces that are hand-woven on traditional looms, reviving century-old Laotian weaving traditions and at the same time giving new life to vintage textiles.

The company also offers decorative and wearable shawls along with stylish scarves in different sizes, colors and patterns. Home goods such as wall-hangings, bedcovers, quilts, pillows and cushions, are also available in unique patterns/motifs, various colors and patterns, combining traditional Asian and Western styles.