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Exclusive Jewels Gallery is jeweler and decor stylist to Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood. We offer carefully selected jewelry, decor and finery from around the world from our Beacon Hill location.

Victorian Amethyst Rose Gold Bangle


Our jewelry options are constantly evolving with new items and styles from our renowned designers. Browse some of our collection here. But don't fret. If you don't see something that strikes your fancy or if you're seeking a more custom piece, please contact us to find just what you're looking for.

Victorian Amethyst Rose Gold Bangle

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Victorian Amethyst Rose Gold Bangle


This late 19th century piece makes a bold but delicate statement on the wrist with a decadent combination of rich purple amethyst, seed pearls,single cut diamonds. The 14kt rose gold takes one back to a different era while still keeping a modern look. 

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